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Functional Masterbatch

Super Adsorption M/B

Gas Absorption Masterbatch removes the gas or the humidity generated from the recycled resins and/or other additives during production process effectively.

1. Brief Introduction

Synthetic resins as raw materials of plastic products are the essential materials in producing daily supplies. Even it is different depending on the kind of synthetic resin, there are some resinsabsorbing the humidity in the air at room temperature while others do not absorb the humidity. Nylon, PET, TPU, ABS, PS and Acetal belong to the humidity absorbing resins. Even though it is a non humidity absorbing resin, it contacts with water during production process to cool down the melted resin. In this process, the products may contain the water. In case pigments, inorganic fillers or antifogging agents which are hydrophilic are added, it is difficult to control water containing phenomenon. Synthetic resin as organic compound will cause quality problems due to the generation of bubble because moisture is evaporated by heat during a production process even its volume is quite small.
Super Adsorption Masterbatch developed by Samjin Polytech will be helpful to solve the quality problem related to either the gas or the humidity contained in the products. The recommended dosage is 1~3% depending on the content of humidity.

2. Cases of Faults caused by humidity

- Generation of surface coarsening phenomenon due to the generation of bubble
- Degrade in physical properties due to the generation of bubble (Elongation, Tensile Strength, etc.)
- Fracture when product formed in case of film (Punk occured)
- Yellowish phenomenon due to the oxidation of resin
- Gell formation due to the generation of radical

3. Advantages & Features of Super Adsorption Masterbatch

- Excellent gas and humidity removing effect with a small dosage of Gas Absorption Masterbatch 
- No affect on the transparency of the products.
- No color change even used in color products.
- Less dust generated from cutting process

4. Grade per Resin used







 Film, Sheet, Injection Molding, Extrusion




Film, Sheet, Injection Molding, Extrusion




 Film, Sheet, Injection Molding, Extrusion 




 Film, Sheet, Injection Molding, Extrusion




 Film, Sheet, Injection Molding, Extrusion




 Film, Sheet, Injection Molding, Extrusion



5. Physical Properties of Grade #61001



 Carrier Resin

LDPE 60%

 Additive Content


 Melting Point


 Melting Flow Index (MI)

 1.81 g/10min

Specific Gravity 


Moisture Content

under 0.1%

 Mean Particle Size

∮5.0 x 1.65T (mm) 

 Particle Appearance


 Recommended Dosage