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Functional Masterbatch

Anti-Blocking M/B

Anti-blocking M/B is to improve the blocking phenomenon of the films and sheets, which may cause a serious problem and inconvenience when use them.

1. What's Blocking?

When blocking is caused in the films, the films are hardly unrolled and this makes noise. Therefore, it makes a high speed processing difficult and results in faulty products due to no good unrolling in case of autimatic packaging. In addtion, it seems that there is moisture inside of film and it has a fault that tube is not opend easily.

Such products as soft films and sheets, of which surfaces are slippery cling each other and are not easily separated. For example, if stack a number of glasses together, it seems that there is water between the glasses and each glass is not easily separated. This is an example of Blocking phenomena.


2. What’s Anti-Blocking?

Anti-Blocking is to improve the blocking phenomenon causing inconvenience due to poor opening property while porcessing or using the products.

Anti-Blocking agent is a kind of additive which can be used simply in mixed with resins when produce films or sheets.


3. Causes of Blocking

- In case the chilling against products is insufficient

- In case there are more low molecular polymers

- In case the surface of the product is slippery (glossy)

- In case the density of resin is low (soft) or it has a sticky property


4. Cautions when choose Anti-Blocking Masterbatch

It is important to choose the right product in consideration of transparency, the occurance of GELL, printing adhesion, color changing property, change on standing, etc.


5. Recommended Grade per Use


Applicable Resin




 010-059, 112



Excellent Dispersion





 Excellent Transparency

Flat Films




 Excellent Opening

 Shrinkage Films




 Competitive Price

Heavy-duty Films




Excellent Transparency

Low Temperature Films




 Excellent Transparency

 Agricultural Films




 Excellent Transparency
& Dispersion

 CPP & BOPP Films




 Excellent Transparency
& Opening

 PP shrinkage Films




Excellent Opening

Air Cap




Excellent Opening &