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Functional Masterbatch

Absorbent M/B

PS foam absorbent trays made of Absorbent masterbatch absorbs the blood effectively generated from the frozen/refrigerated meat/chicken and/or fish during the transportation or display in the showroom.

1. Brief Introduction

There are many factors affecting the freshness of the frozen/refrigerated meats, chickens and/or fishes. One of them is the blood generated from them during the transport and display in the showroom. The generaetd blood causes the spoilage due to the increase of microorganism. In addition, the blood may arouses customers disgust and contaminates other foods during transport.

Absorbent trays developed by Samjin Polytech enhances the presentation and the hygiene of food products by absorbing the meat & fish juices into its high-capacity opened cores. This meets the needs from retailers and customers by reducing the leak of the juices from meats and fishes while displayed in shop shelves or moved from the shop to home.

This is ideal for a variety of meets and fishes because the maintenance of freshness is the most important in handling foods, especially for meats and fishes. The losing of freshness gives a bad effect on the taste of food as well as hygiene.


2. Features and Advantages of Samjin's Absorbent Trays

- The freshness and hygiene of foods is maintained for a longer period.

- Sole international patent technology in the world has been applied to absorbent masterbatch

- Safety for food contact has been approved

- The absorbing capability has been improved by adopting a Hot Cutting process

- A lot of experience and speciality in the overall production process of absorbent trays have been accumulated.

- keep continuing to upgrade and develop the product