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Functional Masterbatch

Flame Retardant M/B

Flame Retardant Masterbatch is to provide a flame retarding property to plastic products.


1. Brief Introduction 

As plastic is a flammable material and is also quite weak against heat, the risk of fire is higher than any other material. Especially the plastics widely used in the wire clad, interior materials of building/automobile/ship and daily life are exposed to the risk of fire. 

Flame Retardant makes the occurrence of the initial ignition delayed or the fire extinguished by itself.




2. Kind of Flame Retardant

Flame Retardant is devided into two categotie depending on the presence of the toxicity: one is of toxic and the other is of non-toxic. BR-, CL- and melamine-, etc. belong to in toxic flame retardant whereas ALOH-, MGOH- and P-, etc. belong to non-toxic flame retardant.


3. Caution in Use

The flame retardancy is variable depending on the mixing recipe between base resin and flame retardant masterbatch. As it also can be variable depending on the use of the product and how to mix and form, it is necessary to discuss with specialists in advance. The dosage is also variable depending on the kind & physical properties of the base resins in use.

The kind of flame retardant is diverse but there are also side effects with them. For example, in case of Brominated flame retardants, bromine gas is generated. This gas makes metals rusted and hinders the sealing property as well as printing property. This may cause the fault in the quality of the products. So, it is necessary to review these kinds of side effects closely in advance.


4. Grade per Resin and Use

Item Grade Resin Dosage(%) Uses
FR 610       LD/LLDPE 15~20 Films, Sheets
FR 619       HDPE 10~15 Films, Sheets, Pipes Pipes
FR 815       LD/LLDPE 13~18 Non-migration type
FR 605       PP  3~15 Sheets, Pipes
FR 650       PS   5~7 Foam Sheet, Sheets