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Functional Masterbatch

Anti-Fogging M/B

Anti-Fogging Masterbatch makes the contents packed in packaging containers looks clear and helps to keep the freshness of the food reserves longer by preventing the phenomenon of water drop formation due to vapor.

1. Brief Introduction

We can see the phenomenon in our daily life that we can't see the contents packed in the packaging containers because the vapor evaporated from foods/food reserves is concentraetd on the inside of the film used to pack foods/food reserves when there is a rapid change in temperature. Especially in the agricultural greenhouses, the formation of water drop on the inside of the films reduces the penetration ratio of the light and this phenomenon hinders the growth of crops. Our Anti-Fogging masterbatch is made of the materials approved for the use of food packaging. This prevents the formation of water drop by forming a thin anti-fogging layer on the surface of the film if added in the production process of PE/PP films, keeps the freshness of the contents longer and makes the contents looks clear.


2. Theory of Anti-Fogging

As the surfaces of most films are hydrophobic, they are not wetted even they meet water drops and keep the shape of water drop for a long period of time due to the big contact angle between water and films. Anti-fogging masterbatch prevents the formation of water drop on the surface of the films because it makes the contact angle smaller by improving the affinity between them. Water drops are wetted/dispersed through the films smoothly and makes the film looks transparent.  


3. Criteria for the selection of Anti-Figging Masterbatch

Anti-fogging masterbatch is made of mainly surfactant, which has a strong hydrophile property. As there are many kinds of surfactant, it is necessary to choose the right one in consideration of anti-fogging effect and other properties.

Anti-Fogging masterbatch has diverse characteristics such as quick-acting effect, consistency and thermophilic, etc. and is restricted to use only the raw materials allowed to use for food packaging. Also the sealing property, blocking property and slip property, etc. of the films should be considered in advance.


4. Major Uses/Applications

- Agricultural greenhouses

- Crops and vegetable packaging films

- Mushroom packaging films

- Meat/Chicken packaging films

- Others for the packaging of the foods/food reserves containing high humidity


5. Grade per applicable Resin

   Item Grade    Resin Dosage(%)   Uses 비 고
Anti-FOG   776 LD/LLDPE    8~10    Film
Anti-FOG  1300 LD/LLDPE    8~10    Film
Anti-FOG  1310      PP   10~12    Film