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Functional Masterbatch

Hi Transparant
Anti-Blocking M/B

Normal anti-blocking agent decreases the transparency of LDPE/LLDPE films. Our high transparency anit-blocking masterbatch prevents the transparency of these films from being decreased.

1. Brief Introduction

Anti-blocking agents are generally used to prevent the blocking phenomena from being occurred in PE films, but most composition of anti-blocking agents are made of silica which decreases the transparency of PE films because of the different light refraction between silica and PE resins. Especially as the transparency affects on the quality of PP films, sheet and LDPE/LLDPE films requiring the high transparency, it is important to maintain the transparency.

Our high transparency anti-blocking masterbatch keeps the function of anti-blocking as well as the transparency of the products. 



   Normal A/B   vs   high transparency A/B


2. Features & Advantages of High Transparency Anti-Blocking Masterbatch

1) Excellent Anti-Blocking Function

2) Keeps Transparency

3) Improves the Gloss


3. Grade per Use & Resin