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Functional Masterbatch

Contraction-proof M/B

Contraction Preventing Masterbatch for PE foaming prevents the contraction from occuring in PE foam products as time goes on.


1. Brief Introduction

If a certain period of time passes after foaming LDPE resin, the wall of cells becomes thin and the gas in the cells gets out. This causes the contraction in PE foam products. In order to improve this matter, generally GMS is used, but it is required to melt GMS with warm water first because GMS melting point is low and then to pump GMS melted in the water to the inside of extruder through a small pipe. However, GMS cannot be conveyed to the extruder consistently if the pipe is frozen in the cold winter season. This will result in many faults in the products.

Our Contraction Preventing Masterbatch has been developed to reinforce these problems and can be used conveniently because it is used in a mixture with resin and other raw materials.


2. Features & Advantages

1) Easy to use because of ready mixture with resin and other raw materials.

2) Consistent control of quality is secured