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Color Masterbatch

Organic Pigment Color M/B

Organic Pigments Color Masterbatches provides diverse and clear colors for overall palstic industry.
They can be concentrated highly and also used in food applications for their non-toxic property.

1. Brief Introduction

Organic Pigments are widely used in overall industry and our daily life because of their clear colors which can be concentrated highly and also used in food applications for their non-toxic property.

We are provide our clients with the color masterbatches optimized to clients' resins in use, production process and the uses of products, which have passed the tests for heat resistance, migration and others required by them. 


2. Cautions in Use

Pigments are choosed according to the kinds of products and uses. For example, in case of films, the color should be clear with a small dosage of it because of its thin thickness, and have a good sealing & printing properties. Considering the costs of pigments, it is important to choose low price pigments rather than to insist high quality expensive ones if possible. There are the cases that migration or heat resistance is required depending on the uses.